Schedule Trigger Branching?

I see that you can have a schedule trigger with multiple times that it triggers. So, I have one that triggers every 14 days and every 30 days. However, I need these to go in different paths and trigger different sets of nodes.

It doesn’t look like the schedule trigger output gives anything useful in the data that lets you see which schedule triggered it. If there was, I was going to just do an if/then after the schedule node and point it in the right direction.

Any workaround for this versus having two separate workflows (one for each schedule)?

I did think of one hack…I can have the the 14 day one trigger at minute 5 and the monthly at minute 0 and use that in my if/then, but wondering if there’s a more elegant way assuming I needed them to run at the exact same time (e.g., 9:00am exactly each time)

Hi @jmr123, a simple workaround would be to have more than one Schedule trigger in the same workflow. You can then run a Set node between each individual node to attach an additional field with the information you’re looking for. Like so:

After the “Continue here” node you’ll now have a trigger_type property telling you which trigger started your flow:

Thanks for this. And then add a switch after the set to determine which next set of nodes to trigger?

That depends on your exact requirements, but yes, that would be one possible option :slight_smile: