sendDice Method in Telegram Node (for Sending Animated Emojis)

Can we send Animated Emojis in Telegram Node?

Perhaps you can use the message:sendAnimation.

How bro? I’m confused :thinking:

Hey @mcnaveen!

If the Animation File is on the Telegram server you can reference it using its ID. But if it isn’t, you will have to pass a URL. I also took a look at the API and it looks like there needs to be a separate endpoint for sending animated emojis. But I might be wrong. Can you try with the Send Animation operation?

Where can I get the Animation File ID bro?
for example. I need it for “:basketball:

For this you will have to check the Telegram API.

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Hey @harshil1712

Seems this is new.

Is this currently supported in Telegram n8n node?

Have a look here. @RicardoE105🏀

Currently n8n supports sendMessage Method. But this functionality requires sendDice Method.

Just took a look at the code, and currently the Telegram node doesn’t support this operation. Maybe you can create a feature request for this so that we can add it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Done. :heart:

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