Shopify trigger 422 error

Any idea why I am gettng this 422 error for Shopify webhooks?

So when activating the trigger node, n8n tries to register a webhook with Shopify. Shopify does however no longer allow HTTP-targets for its webhooks and requires HTTPS URLs:

So you’d need to make your n8n instance is available under an HTTPS URL. For testing purposes you could also use the n8n tunnel option.

thanks so much. we will correct this

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I’m having this same issue, though am on a hosted instance with SSL (on Railway)

Is there a way to debug this?

Hey @cybersport91, I am not familiar with Railway I am afraid. How is n8n configured? Is the webhook URL shown in the node an https URL like below?


If so, is there any specific hint returned by the Shopify API when when running into the error and after clicking Show Details in the lower right when the error pops up after activating/running the workflow?

@MutedJam ah! weird! it’s http://localhost:5678/.... I’m guessing it’s from Docker? Not sure where to begin debugging

@cybersport91 could it be that you haven’t configured the WEBHOOK_URL environment variable? This would tell n8n which path to use for its webhooks and is explained here in more detail.

aha! it works! thank you @MutedJam :slight_smile:

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