Slack Button Action

Hello everyone,
I`m currently trying create Workflow using Slack.

I have three buttons in a Message that they do: Create a Case, Create a channel in slack to discuss regarding this message and the ignore message.

The problem it`s give a flow after Slack message, is it possible continue workflow using buttons in the slack? For example:

1 - I receive the alert regarding virus
2 - When a click in Create a Channel, the next node of slack to create a channel its executed.
3 - Or when i click create a case, the next node regarding this action will be executed.


Welcome to the community @arkheliel!

What you can do is to either start a different workflow or start the same workflow but it will be a different execution. So the data of the original workflow will not be available. If you need access to the data of that workflow-execution you would have to save the data that you require again in some kind of database or table and query it then at the start of that new workflow-execution.

Hi Jan.
Thankyou for your answer, now i understood the concept of mindset of N8N.
I’m using TheHive (Opensource Incident Response Platform) like input for workflows regarding security incidentes. I see the PR in Github for this platform, that will help us, to create this workflows using API.

You are welcome! Great to hear that it helped.

Yes, the Hive node is currently in internal review. So should be merged the next days and then released with the next version.

Have fun!