Split Json data

Hi guys,
Im having trouble splitting some data from Json and storing it on mysql. Could someone help me?

Hey @Matt_RNDI and welcome!

I am no expert in the field but I might be able to provide some assitance while you wait for someone more qualifed to chime in.

Have a look at using JSON.stringify to convert the JSON into a string and then using the “Set” node to set the values as a more usable format for your workflow. There is many good posts that can help you with this in the mean time!


Hi @Matt_RNDI, welcome to the community!

In addition to what @Zac_Magee suggested, perhaps you can share an example of the JSON data you currently have? You can of course redact anything confidential, but it’d be important to keep your actual data structure so we know how the data you want to split looks like.

It could be as simple as using the “Split Out Items” operation on the Item Lists node (if your incoming JSON data is an array):

But to be sure we’d need to know how your current data structure looks like :slight_smile:


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