Stripe trigger will delete the webhook aftrer the test

There is a new function/bug on the stripe trigger node.

when you want to test one of your workflows it will create a webhook in stripe and as soon it receives the call it deletes it.

This doesn’t allow you to send the request a second time, but you need to trigger the webhook repeating the actual request.

For example:

I’m testing a workflow to save stripe finalized invoices in a database.
I don’t want to create an invoice from the Stripe dashboard every time I want to test the workflow.
I would prefer just to use the resend option, but you can’t if the webhook is been canceled.

That is expected behavior. In test mode, when you receive the event, the webhook is deleted. If you want to keep in active, active the workflow.

if it’s there is a bug when you try to save, because N8N can’t find the webhook (probably because it’s been canceled) and give an error.

## Problem

There was a problem and the workflow could not be activated:

*The resource you are requesting could not be found*

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Stripe Trigger: No such webhook endpoint: 'we_1JcVYpKZv6************'

It’s giving you that error when you try to active the workflow?

We you try to active it

But even if I activate it, the webhook will autodelete itself every time, it should not be possible to keep it.
So it’s easier to debug and test.

@Skywrath-Mage, I was able to replicate the issue. When I try to activate the workflow it throws the same error. I see that Stripe has a Test Environment as well. Did you try using that?

I’m only using that for stripe testing.

when I first try your stripe module, I supposed that the test was using test and that prod was using stripe prod.
But nope, it is for the same stripe environment.

If I am not wrong, Stripe gives you different Secret Key based on the environment. I am assuming, since we are trying to activate the workflow using the Secret Key for the Test env, Stripe is not registering the webhook and hence the error.

yes you have 2 key, but no is not that.
I see the log of the creation and deletion of the webhook.

and I can use it once.

If you see here, what happens is that when you try to activate n8n try to delete the webhook again.


But it failed, because that webhook is been deleted already

It seems be a bug in the node. @RicardoE105 assigning this to you.

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