SWITCH commas seperator

Hai, just a simple question, in the Switch node (value 2) can we write many input with commas seperator…?

Sorry for my poor english

No. Contains checks whether a string (Data Type is set to string) is contained in another. For example, in the image below, the node will output to 0 because llo is contained in hello. Do not confuse string contains with array contains (I believe it’s what you are looking for). If indeed the array contains what you are looking for, you can preprocess the data in a function node and return a number you can use in the switch node to choose the output.

thanks for the explanation. its clear now :smiley:, just another question, how many routing rule the switch node can process? is there any limit? because i can click the Add Routing Rule so many time…

No, there is no known limit.

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