System requirements

I’m new to n8n and plan tobuse it on a raspberry pi. I found the raspberry image and install script but I havent found any minimum system requirements for n8n so that I can decide which raspberry has enough power for n8n.
What are the minimum system requirements for n8n?

Perhaps @Tephlon can help here.

Hey @Ulrischa! Welcome to the community.

I’m not 100% certain what the minimum requirements are but I have comfortably run n8n on a RPi3. That should be a good starting point.

Ok thank you. I guess a zero is not enough?

well @Ulrischa, i will just give a very small user experience as i am just a newwbie

But i made it run on a Rpi3 and it worked very well

I tried also on Pi Zéro following this tuto :

The only thing is i still try to connect to my pi zero (my usb keyboard is not working on this pi zero)
so stuck i am…

hope this could help you


Sadly have no experience with with the Pi in general but looking at the specs from the Zero does it sound like it should work. At least if you have nothing else running on it. Else you will at some point run into issues with the RAM and also CPU as everything will be incredible slow.

What would be important is that you set:


as documented here:

That makes sure that every workflow runs in the main process which is much more resource friendly. If it would start a new process for each workflow execution (as it does by default) you would have a much harder time.

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Thank you all. Nice community here. I will order a raspberry 3.


Great to hear that it was helpful. And totally agree, we are really very lucky to have such a great community!

Have fun!