Too many problems at recent upgrade of n8n

I have some workflows have problem without any logical flag. It is just got stuck simply.
I think you should be careful with recent upgrades.

Now it makes me stress with so many problems.
Automatic workflow must be stable first, because it is our business!

Now, it even lost all log about errors:

Hi @cmdntd987, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble here.

Could you please make sure you fill out all details on the template appearing when opening a new question? Especially your current n8n version, deployment method and workflow to reproduce the error you are seeing? This will help us better understand your problem.

As for the missing error message you might want to check out the existing thread on this: Custom node not showing error after update to 0.181.1

I tried. But I can not call this name for new error.
(It could run when you seperated them, but stop in workflow)

It is just stop, and it seems all normal in logic.
It is still run normally at versions before.

Sometimes, I need to re-build these workflow to new structure to be sure that workflow able to run. So I can not send all issues. Specially, in some very basic rule like this. It could make terrible breaks in all workflows.

I think it should not caused by some very simply and basic one.

Hey @cmdntd987, could you share the JSON data of a workflow using which the “workflow simply gets stuck” problem can be reproduced? The simpler the better. You can simply copy from your n8n canvas and paste here on the forum.

Or is this simply the problem of an error occurring but the message not being shown? This problem should be fixed with the upcoming release: Custom node not showing error after update to 0.181.1 - #10 by jan

Until then you might want to downgrade to a previous n8n version seeing how much this impacts you.

Yep, thank you. I replied late, because of be so busy.
(Now I re-built workfow to new construction to solve)

But this is from my old workflow has this error of anynomous logic

  • It is ok at first node. Error is the second one be force to stop without log.

This is 2 my nodes in error workflow:

This is my data of first node at the last error:

    "in_turn": 1000,
    "id": "165496280020641681686"
    "in_turn": 1000,
    "id": "165504882889184487279"