Typeform node not receiving any data

Hey, this is my first time trying out n8n, so probably it’s just me being stupid.

I created a Typeform trigger node and added credentials. When executing the node, it keeps spinning for 1-2 minutes and then ends with “No data”. I’m sure that the connected form has entries though, and also tried another form just to be sure.

Didn’t do any special setup yet, just wanted to get some data and then connect other nodes for further processing.

Hope you can help me resolve this!

Welcome to the community @stevenaa!

Did you submit the form within these 2 minutes? Because unless you submit a form, n8n will not receive any data to display you.

Hey Jan, thanks for replying. I did not.

So basically this node works like a webhook and will only trigger for new submissions? I might be biased by the Zapier approach where a test run fetches the latest entry as sample data. Didn’t realize that it worked this way, good to know.

Is there a way to pull existing response data from Typeform as well and process that?

Btw, I logged onboarding friction while doing this, will send it over to my friend @tanay if it’s helpful.

Glad that it helped.

Yes, we work on live data but to be honest, also thought in the past about making it also possible to pull in already existing one for trigger-nodes. Anyway never was a high priority or really felt necessary so did not add it yet.

No pulling in existing data to process it is sadly currently not possible as we have only a Typeform-Trigger node but not a regular one yet. Mainly because it never got requested. So for now that would really have to be done manually via a HTTP Request-Node.

So please share with him!

Makes sense!

I think sample data would make it easier to use for sure, so that could be a helpful improvement. In the meantime, maybe you could add some kind of alert while executing a trigger node so that it’s clear to the user that it’s actually waiting on something to trigger. Just my 2cts though.

Maybe it is then not clear enough but the button changes from “Execute Workflow” to “Waiting for Webhook-Call”
Screenshot from 2021-01-28 19-53-20

Didn’t see that one :sweat_smile:

Just wanted to follow up here - had been encountering the same issue.

One area I’m confused on though…

n8n receives data from the typeform if the form is filled out after the workflow is executed. But once the n8n recieves the data, I then have to “Execute Workflow” in order to receive anymore forms. Also - the “Waiting for Webhook” status only runs for about 2 mins, so how could I ensure data is received every time?

What if I want the workflow to be triggered as and when the typeform is completed?

(Am quite new to this so sorry if that makes 0 sense!)

Yes, that is only for testing/development. For production use, you want to activate the workflow. You can find something about that here: