Typeform Trigger not activating workflow when form is filled

Hi All,

So I have a workflow which is triggered by a Typeform Node. However when the Typeform is filled in the workflow does not activate. I know the node is working because when I manually press execute node and fill in the Typeform within 2 minutes, it registers it and executes the workflow. When I do not manually press execute node however it does not register the submission. Has anyone else experienced this problem before?


Hey @aziadlourad,

Is your workflow active? Also, note that you won’t see any output in the Editor UI when the workflow executes in the active state. You can check the executions in the Execution List.

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hi Harshil,

I realised what was happening. It was in-fact being triggered however the following node had a problem so the overall workflow never registered as being completed. Thanks for letting me know about the execution list!

Hey Armin,

I am glad that you were able to find the issue.

A small tip: Setup an error workflow using the Error Trigger node. This will help you get a notification when a workflow runs into an error!