Uncorrect time while calculating date/time

Hi Everyone!

When I try to calculate a date, the result time looks completely weird. The operation i’m tryng to make is substracting 10 minutes to current date/time.

For this, I used a “Date&Time” node which date value is “{{Date()}}” (displays current date&time) and that should substract 10 minutes.
The problem’s that current time looks correct, but the result after substraction (that should be just 10 minutes earlier) is 1h earlier than the time it should be.
For example if I lanch the node at 12:00, the result should be 11:50. Currently it’s 10:50 and I don’t know why one more hour is substracted.

How would you manage that?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Anthony73370, this sounds like your time zone configuration might be off. There are two relevant environment variables at play here, one is the GENERIC_TIMEZONE (explained here) which is used by the Cron node for getting the start time right.

The other one is TZ (explained here) which would be used by your system and also by code executed in n8n. Is there possibly a mismatch between the two?

You could read them by running a workflow like below: