Use custom ssl files when install with docker compose

When install n8n follow this instruction but I want to use custom ssl file. I follow this instructions: 3

export N8N_PROTOCOL=https
export N8N_SSL_KEY=/data/certs/server.key
export N8N_SSL_CERT=/data/certs/server.pem

But it still use traefik default cert, Have to edit docker-compose.yml (in to do this? I search on google the guide:

The main reason to use traefik is that it takes care of SSL. So if you provide your own one you can simply remove traefik and change the setup accordingly.

Is there a reason why you want to do that? We only officially support the above server-setup guide. If you want to do something else you are on your own.

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The reason I want to do that because my first server install on 17/08/2020, everything ok include ssl. But yesterday, when install to add 1 more n8n server to run subfolder, almost thing ok except ssl like below picture, I’ve back to install subdomain, not subfolder on this server, it is not success full ssl, too like below picture, I don’t know how to troubleshoot this problem. So, could you guide me how to install n8n ok with ssl (subfolder)? I install n8n on Ubuntu server 20.04.1.