User and Privilege Management [GOT CREATED]

Yeah, I suppose :smiley: as I really polluted this thread :slight_smile: Sorry about that :wink:
Thanks for helping :wink:

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As PM, if you want a more Product-oriented approach, please let me know.

Just wanted to mention that user management v1 is now open for testing. If youโ€™d like to get early access and test this feature, just DM me. Thanks!


It is my sincere privilege to say that user management V1 has been released :rocket: :heart_eyes:

It just came out as part of 0.168.0. For more details, check out the docs for this feature: User management | Docs

Iโ€™d like to give a very big thank you to our Engineering and Product teams for their hard work on this one, this is THE most complex feature weโ€™ve shipped to date. As well as the entire n8n team for help in testing it. Iโ€™d also like to additionally thank our amazing community for your feedback during research, testing, and you massive enthusiasm for this feature! We are really lucky to have all you passionate folks pushing us forward :slight_smile:

As a reminder, this is only the first milestone for user management. While it doesnโ€™t include functionality like sharing workflows between users, it does allow for separation of users (bye bye docker container for each user) and most importantly, lays the back-end groundwork for more user management features this year.

Thanks all! Donโ€™t forget to leave your feedback in this thread or DM myself or @sirdavidoff :pray:


This is breaking changes. I started finally use it Today, and it looks awesome. Iโ€™ll be able to give access for my friends and help them easy.

Thank you very much for that and sorry I could help with testing earlier that was crazy week! <3


nice work!

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What version did you update from? 0.167.0 directly or something older?

so at the moment, if you want to share flows between multiple people, I assume you need to create and account and let them all login using that one.

Important: Please use version 0.168.1 as we realized that there was a bug in our release script and so the email templates were missing in the previous version. Thanks!

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At the moment that is correct, however we naturally plan to add sharing functionality in followup versions so this would be a temporary situation of having to share that account for folks who need to work on same workflows.

I use this n8nio/n8n:PR-2636-user-management-backend

@Shirobachi If you were upgrading from this test image then that would explain the breaking changes. There were some migration fixes in between the test image and actual release that would not expect it. I would highly recommend you restore your db to pre-test-image state if possible and then upgrade back to 0.168.2. (lmk if itโ€™s not possible, there might be another more tricky approach)

All good, I tested on difference instance :slight_smile:


Hey there @maxT !
I have updated to 0.168.2 to try out the User Management feature, however, i am no longer able to use n8n as it keeps on loading with

Error connecting to n8n
Could not connect to server. Refresh to try again

There is also an error in the console stating
can't access "enable", t.userManagement is undefined

Hey @cccc,

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How are you running n8n?

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Iโ€™m just running it with the default command
"start": "run-script-os"
on Windows

Hey @cccc,

So is that running from source? Did you also run the build commnad first?

Hi Jon thanks for the response. Seems like I forgot to run build again after changing branch.
However, I realised there are other errors while building. I have taken the issue to a different topic.

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In the future please open a new issue @cccc if you have problems rather than posting on an existing one unless it is 100% matching. That makes sure that people find the information they need easily and fast. Thanks!

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