Using N8N with on-prem Microsoft Exchange Server

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I would like to automate the categorization of Outlook emails in my organization. However, we are using an on-prem Microsoft Exchange server. n8n docs provide a workflow for Azure but not for a self-hosted Mail server. Is there a solution for this?

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Hey @waynemorphic,

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We don’t have a way to sort the emails on a self hosted exchange instance at the moment all you could do is trigger a workflow when an email arrives using the imap node.

If enabled you might be able to use the API that EWS provides by using the HTTP Request node but I don’t have any examples for that or access to an Exchange instance so it would need to rely on your knowledge of Exchange and the API to get it working.

Hi @Jon ,

Thank you for your feedback. We want to save file attachments from emails that are sent through Exchange. This means there should be direct access to the local exchange instance.

Will the Read/Write file node be sufficient for this use case? If not, would this require an Exchange node specifically developed for such a use case? If the answer is the latter, is an exchange node or a method for sorting emails on a self-hosted exchange instance in n8n’s development pipeline. If there isn’t, how can I contribute to such an implementation or request for this type of feature?

Thank you.