Wait Node - execution at specific time - reoccurring

Is there a way to make the wait node - at specific time node - reoccurring. example execute every morning at 9, when triggered

The Cron node does that, is that what you mean to use?

Sorry for the late reply. No that not what I need the CRON is a trigger node I have a work flow where it adds to a google sheet but I want to delete all the data that was appended to the sheet to be erased at 9 am in the morning, every morning. are It could be that I need to create a CRON workflow to trigger every morning at 9 to delete appended data from google sheet. that maybe the solution

Yes, that’s what I would do, you can even add the cron trigger to the same existing canvas.

You could use the wait node but it will just require you to use the Date & Time node first along with the current timestamp to manipulate the time to 9am tomorrow then pass that into the wait node.

I do this with a Cron node on a workflow I have that takes some Google Analytic data and saves it in a Google sheet with multiple sheets.

I have mine set to run at 1:30am, 2am and 2:30am with each one dealing with a different sheet in the doc and a timeframe.

ok thank you