Webhook does not start

Webhook does not start

  1. I created a WebHook and when I click Execute Workflow there is a waiting request for this WebHook

  2. I send a request and it works. Everything is fine.

  3. But when I re-submit the request, nothing happens.

It turns out that webhook is triggered only when I click Execute Workflow.

PS: the Workflow is saved and Activated

What am I doing wrong?
How do I make the workflow webhook Work permanently?

Hi koystrubvs,

  • First of all be sure that the Webhook node is activated.
  • Have you put a Start node in the workflow? If yes, then exclude it and disconnect it. Put the Workflow node the first one. Moreover be sure the start node is unactive.

Everything is so. But it doesn’t work :frowning:

Great! Now work. I renamed webhook and renamed workflow and launched