What's the hardest thing about using n8n?

In the spirit of improvement, what are the things you find yourself wishing you could improve/change when using n8n?


Wait node in workflow - #50 by jan Please complete this

from the top of my head, list of feature requests

  • need button for auto arrange of nodes, so they are positioned more “clean”
  • connection lines in splines and not straight lines
  • when adding nodes I would like to have nodes grouped with “builtin” nodes on top (like Function, IF, HTTP, Set, etc)

Developer Experience:

  • logs of HTTP node - for debug I need to see exact data that was sent
  • would be good to have some tool for import request from Postman directly to HTTP node
  • custom nodes for cloud hosted n8n

lack of full log for HTTP node is my current “hardest thing about using n8n” (for cloud hosted n8n)



@sagdiyev Will definitely be completed, sadly not ETA

@Yuriy_Klyuch We are currently working on improving the Add Nodes panel which will be released next week. Sending the data the HTTP Request node sends additionally also to the browser should not be too hard as we recently added similar functionality to the Function-Nodes.

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I’ll be nitpicking here as n8n is truly an amazing platform and I’ll prefer the flexibility it offers over any other product on the market. But, in the spirit of offering constructive feedback, here are a couple of areas I can suggest.

  1. Many of the nodes implement third-party APIs in their basic form, expecting the n8n user to deal with field IDs, date formats, etc. This made sense in the initial months as n8n was trying to support as many integrations as possible.
    However, it would be great if you’ll could go back and update some of the key integrations to begin with, to be more user-friendly. You’ll have done a brilliant job of abstracting all of this out for the user in your new Notion nodes, by auto-populating most fields and allowing a ‘Simple’ mode for API responses. This greatly improves the user-friendliness of a platform like n8n and brings down the barrier to entry for non-technical users.

  2. The second aspect would be the n8n editor UI and the general UX in some key areas. I created a post about this a few months back at UI improvements for the editor-UI
    It would be nice to see measures that help avoid losing all the data in an editor window, simply by clicking outside the modal that houses it.


Thanks a lot @ajayjohn that is very helpful!

@Yuriy_Klyuch we did just release [email protected] The HTTP Request node will now display the request it makes in the browser console. Hope that is helpful!

That is helpful, thanks! Would it be possible to also save this in the log so it can be checked in execution history?

Can you please elaborate. Not sure I understand what log in the execution history?

well, just previous executions of workflow (which states “You’re viewing the log of a previous execution”) so I can understand exactly what was sent in HTTP node back then

Sorry then I am still not sure I understand. The possiblity to view past exectuons already exists since the very first released version of n8n. At least if you have n8n setup to save past successful executions.