What's the hardest thing about using n8n?

I already had this in mind with the WorkflowStaticData: Key value storages
It would be really handy and also your comment with “real executions”.

workflow executions list weak points:
i would love to have my own status! That would be really handy!
I have something similar here a feature request for: Add a warn status option

javascript editor is too primitive: there was a pull request: `Monaco Editor` in Function Nodes by arpadgabor · Pull Request #2361 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

If it helps for StaticData @pemontto has popped in this little gem: Set workflow staticData with Set node by pemontto · Pull Request #2416 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

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Finding a certain execution. We are collecting about 300k executions per month. To find a certain execution for example for an order by its id is really time consuming.

We are thinking about some kind of key value storage working in parallel to the execution to store the order id connected to the execution. Tagging of executions could also be quite useful.

And I’m really looking forward to using JSONATA: :smiley: