Whatsapp message node

Which n8n node can be used to send whatsapp message periodically free of cost.

Hey @Rahul,

Welcome to the community. As far as I know we do not have a node that provide that service. If you have used one before, please leave the name here so that later can be implemented.


Thanks @RicardoE105, I have tried Twilio but its not capable to send whatsapp messages to a whatsapp group. It is useful when someone have to send whatsapp message to a single whatsapp number. I though to ask in forum.

Thanks for response.

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@Rahul I see. We do have a Twilio node but we do not implement that resources yet, right now it just send sms. If you find out about a better service to send Whatsapp messages please let us know. Thanks very much.

It is actually possible to send WhatsApp messages via the Twilio-Node but like mentioned only directly to a phone number and not to a group. Also is it not free as Twilio charges for that.
I have sadly no experience in that field at all, so do not know if there is a way to do that and if so how. Sorry!


@Rahul most service providers allow free WhatsApp messages when end-user (not you) starts the conversation. Otherwise, cost is applied.

Please think about this: you are sending unsolicited messages to users. You can use WhatsApp web for that use case and I know nobody that provides that service for free. Business is business :wink: