When the condition is met, play an alarm sound from the computer

I want to set up an automation using n8n, how can I trigger a siren sound on my computer when a certain event occurs with this automation? I would really appreciate it if you could help me.

Hi @ibere :wave: Can you let us know how you’re running n8n? This might be one of the few times that npm would be best :sweat_smile: The basic idea here is that you would use the Execute Command node to call a command-line audio player, which will also differ depending on your what your host machine’s OS is :bowing_man:

Hello my friend, when the desired condition is met, I want to play a siren sound from another (windows os) computer.

Hi @ibere - the only way I could think of that you could do this would be to install n8n on bare metal, and then using the Execute Command node to call a program to make the noise. That might be more trouble than its worth, so I’d definitely recommend trying to go for the option where n8n is running on the same machine that has the audio file you want to play, if possible :sweat_smile:


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