Why doesn't this loop properly

Hi, i have a workflow that i want to pull figures from excel, then filter them, then batch individual locations, then pull another heap of rows from excel, filter those, and then split into batches of 25

At this point it runs everything fine, but after it loops thru the first full set, it goes back the the “Split in Batches” but at this point when it gets to “split in batches1” for the 2nd time , it just loops back to the first “split in batches” again and doesn’t process anything , and repeats.

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Have you considered getting rid of the first Split In Batches?
n8n will automatically loop each result from the first Excel node.
Then you could keep the second Split In Batches if you need to handle batches of 25 items.

Example workflow here:

Let me know if this helps!
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