Workshop: The Bots are Here! Automate Anything with n8n - August 8, the Netherlands


I’m hosting a small workshop at the Koppelting Conference in Amersfoort, the Netherlands next week! The event is on Tuesday, August 8 from 7pm-9.30pm. It will be a general introduction to n8n followed by me helping participants build their own first workflows.

You can find more information about the conference here

Event description

Pull data from a sensor, add it to a spreadsheet, generate a graph and post it on Mastodon? Or receive a signal from your forum, send a customized postcard and inform you via chat?

Avoid doing repetitive work and learn how to set up powerful automations using the ‘no-code’ n8n, an Open Source node-based API connector.

In this workshop you’ll learn the basics of n8n and I can help you design specific workflows for your project. Bring your laptop!

Tuesday 8 August
19:00-21:30, FabLab


I sure am looking forward to this! Perhaps you also want to post in the Dutch Discord server @BramKn has created over here?

Also, just pining @dickhoning here, he was looking at getting a Dutch meetup group together.

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@BramKn could you post there for me?

Hi @bartv

You are of course welcome to join Dutch community Discord

I know, but I find Discord a bit… much. I’d like to keep it to a minimum :slight_smile:

I will post the link then.


Dank je! :+1:

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