Add catchup/backfill capability to the Schedule Trigger node

The idea is:

Add catchup/backfill capability to the Schedule Trigger node.
Having the option to set a start date for a Schedule Trigger, and having n8n execute the workflow as many times as it would have occurred if the workflow was active since the start date following the Trigger Rules. Context variables would be provided to access the “logical datetime” of the current, and maybe past or next executions.
This is implemented in Apache Airflow as Catchup.

My use case:

I create a workflow scheduled to run daily, which extracts data from a source, regarding the day before. I have data from the last 2 years, and aside from setting this daily extraction routine, I also have to run the same process for the last 2 years. Instead of having to construct a new workflow for extracting the historical data, I could simply add a “start date” to the Schedule Trigger, and it would automatically run the executions based on the Trigger Rules.
An execution variable such as “$executionDateTime” would be provided, in order to access the logical date the workflow was supposed to be executed, to be able to make requests with the correct date filters. Variables such as “$previousExecutionDateTime” or “$nextExecutionDateTime” could also be provided to easily construct data filters.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

This is a fundamental feature for ETL processes, or any workflow that runs on a schedule and uses data filters. Date/time is probably the most common method of batching historical data. And most of the times you set a workflow that has a schedule and fetches data based on a Date/Time filter, you also have to deal with data in the past, so you have to construct a whole new temporary workflow to loop through the dates and execute the workflow for the historical data. In fact this is so common, it is default behavior on Apache Airflow, having to be disabled via the Catchup parameter. On n8n this “backfill” or “catchup” logic could be set with a parameter on Schedule Trigger node.

Any resources to support this?

Documentation explaining the Catchup logic and available variables on Apache Airflow:

Are you willing to work on this?

If properly guided, sure!