Add LLM capabilities to nodes/UI (e.g. create flow, what's wrong with my flow/node, text writing...)

Adding ChatGPT like features to N8N:

-For nodes: in the settings tab or next to Fixed/Expression toggle, there could be a robot emoji or sth that allows you to use that node as a context for an llm (e.g. gpt3.5). For example, it’ll let you ask a question on that node so you can troubleshoot it

-For whole flow: have a similar robot emoji which allows you to add the whole json of your workflow into the llm so you can ask it questions about your flow, how to reorder, add different functionalities…

Other usecases:

-Text to nodes: Create nodes from what you typed
-Allow anyone to use their own API key or connect an LLM of their choice (e.g. openai, claude, huggingface open source models…)
-Text to Flow
-Image generation
-Text writing