It would help if there was a node for:


My use case:

Using the GPT-3 data to write short unique content based on inputs provided in the n8n flow.

Any resources to support this?

Are you willing to work on this?

Anything I can do to help I will do : )
For now, I am going to be using openAI via the Get node.

I just use an HTTP node and add the API information manually, and I have no votes left to give but can say



I am in the process of doing just that :blush:

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Ah, I had 4 votes. You got one now :tada:

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Thanks :slight_smile: I know each and every vote is worth its weight in gold lol

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Can you share the node you made for gpt3 … I am doing my best but got stuck with the setup.

@RedPacketSec - just when I was about to call it a day. I figured it out !!
Wow n8n really makes things so simple : )

if anyone else is wondering, this is how I did it - with some example text. seems to work just fine for me.

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yup similar to how ive done it

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sorry only just seen this :slight_smile: but seems you figured it out now :wink:

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I figured it out mostly because I know you already did :joy:

Hehe :yum::yum: the API docs they have is pretty handy too.

I think the most interesting implementation would be the Code Generation API to complete JS code into the function nodes so that also not expert coder can generate complex functionalities


That would be a cool way to use GPT-3 ! I like that way you think :slight_smile: