ChatGPT - GPT4 support + multiple inputs

1. how can I use GPT4 from ChatGPT in n8n?

2. how can I tell ChatGPT to continue writing?

Hi community, i am brand new here. Can somebody help with that?

Thx alot. :slight_smile:

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n @0.226.2:
  • Running n8n via cloud,:

Hey @ManyQuestions,

As long as you have access to the GPT4 API you should be able to select it as an option in the node, If you only have access to GPT3 you won’t see it.

When you continue writing is the text getting cut off? The default token length for the API is 16 so it could be that just adding a max tokens option and setting it to a higher value will fix it.

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