Airtable Trigger - field type

Hi all

Just wanted to check, in respect of the Airtable Trigger, what types will act as a trigger? Is it only ‘Last Modified Time’ or ‘Created Time’ that trigger events or is it possible to have triggers like a checkbox being selected/turned-on triggering an event (only I can’t get the latter one to work)?

Thank you


Welcome back @spessex

As the description says, it only works with Created Time and Modified Time. You might accomplish that with the Modified Time Trigger Field. Once you turn on the checkbook, the Modified Time will change, hence the trigger will execute. Then, with an IF node you check wether the checkbook is true. If so, you do what you want to do. Depending on your use case this might or might not work.

There is also probably another way of doing this using Airtable. Like reacting to the change in state on the checkbook and sending the data to n8n via HTTP request.

Thank you Ricardo