Automatically retrigger error flows

Good day
I need your assitance on how to re-trigger error flows automatrically.

Hi @Steve,
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n8n does not have a built in function to automatically rexecute your failed executions. This is hard to do because your workflows can fail for a variety of reasons and n8n cannot automatically figure out how to solve these.

The best thing to do would be figuring out why your workflows are failing and fix them. You can do so by using the red folder icon on the right of your executions list to see where your workflow failed and what error lead to it.

n8n does support error handling using our Error trigger node to start another error workflow whenever one of your workflows is failing. You can use this to send notifications whenever your execution fails.

In theory you could combine this strategy with our Execute Workflow node to restart your workflow but i wouldn’t recommend it.

  • You could easily create an error loop overloading your system
  • If it’s even doable depends on your workflow and the input data it’s expecting.
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