Restart Error Workflow

Hi, is it possible to restart a error workflow (Webhook) again with the Data are stored inside n8n ? Problem is: After the Data come from a webhook and a webservice was not working inside a flow ?
Restart from the yellow dot !


An “Error Workflow” is something very specific in n8n. It is a workflow that gets automatically executed when a workflow fails as described here:

That seems to be however not what you mean. You apparently want to “restart” a workflow which did error. Some information about that can be found here:

Jan, can what going wrong in each node ? The Problem is i cant see the error message.
Any idea ?

Sorry do not understand. A workflow fails but it does not display an error on any of the nodes?

Sorry, i can only that there is an error. But not which Error like this :image

Sorry still do not understand what your problem is exactly. Can you send me a screenshot of what you are seeing to help me understand.

The Problem is, that double Mouse Click dont opens more the nodes !

Hm, did never hear about such a problem before. I just tested and it works fine for me. What operating system and what browser are you using?

068.2 with Chrome or Firefox, Same thing

You did not mention the operating system as requested but anyway the Chrome version 68 seems incredibly old. I am using Chrome 83 and Firefox 77 on Ubuntu 18.04 and for me it works fine on both.
So it has either to do with the very old Chrome version or anything else related to your system. But really seems very strange that it would not work for you in both browsers when no other user did ever report a similar issue. Normally I would have said to check for browser-extensions which sometimes mess stuff up but unless you have the same extensions in both browsers the chance is probably very low that this is the problem.

My Computers are: Windows 10 Chrome / Firefox Browser, other Machine: Windows Server 2019 Chrome // Firefox Browser actual Versions. Its not possible to open each Node in Executions Area.

Strange. Will do some more testing.

Mmh with Edge or IE11 its dont work anymore.

I have made up a downgrade to 0.60.0 then it works !

Yes you are totally right. I always tested with 0.67.3 which was still running on our server but in the most recent one (0.68.2) it is broke. Have to check what went wrong there. It was a large new release with the OAuth support so maybe something got messed up there. Will try to release a fixed version tomorrow.

no worry. 0.60. works fine for me.

Bug could be fixed in the meantime and will be released tomorrow.

Fix got released with [email protected]

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