Automatically retry errored exectuions

Is there a way to set up something that will automatically retry errored executions? I know I can manually go in and re-run, but I’d like to have something that re-runs automatically if the error is something specific. In these cases, I know it’s only a temporary blip and re-running a minute or so later would be fine.


What I’m trying is in my error handler is to check for the error message and if it is the error I know is transient, then a wait node, and then an execute workflow node.

But in my testing, I can’t get the execute workflow node to do anything. My source is database and I’m using the ID of the workflow I want to run. But in the settings for the execute workflow node, I keep clicking to execute node, but nothing seems to be happening. The output is “Execute this node to output data or insert test data.”

If I can get this to actually trigger the workflow in question, what I’ve built should work.

Hi @jmr123 :wave: Thanks for going into such detail!

This is a feature request I’m afraid, and not one that I’d know of a workaround to :see_no_evil: You may want to vote here, and also add in the context of what you’d use it for:

would it be possible to solve this by

  1. set: always output Data
  2. check if output is empty
  3. if empty, loop back to a wait-node before retrying

So, I can go back and re run the errors, but that will basically overwrite the runs that come after this one. My flow basically checks for changes to a database since the last execution and posts those to Hubspot. So, if the flow at 12am errors and I run it manually at 8am, there will have been 7 other runs (once per hours) that have happened. One data point in my run is basically counting how many times a user did a specific action, so it might have been, say, 5 at 12am, but then they do more after that, so by 8am, they’ve done, say, 10. So, if I re-run the 12am, it will set that person back to 5 instead of 10.

I can’t just not re-run the errored one because for someone that has changes at 12am, but then nothing after, they might show as 0 instead of the actual number.

One way to fix this is to re-run the successful executions that come after (in this example), but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this. Am I missing something?

I also obviously have an error handler that send me an email when it errors. Can’t I just have this also do a wait and then use the run workflow node to run that errored workflow? I was trying that out, but it doesn’t seem that when I manually test the workflow I want to trigger ever runs.

I get that it’s a feature request, but I’m curious why my execute workflow node isn’t behaving as expected. Is it because it’s in an error handler workflow? I feel like this should work.

Hi @jmr123 - just to make sure to be sure :slight_smile: Can you share the workflow(s) you’re talking about in the forums? That way we can have a look and say for definite.

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