AWS SNS Trigger - Implement FilterPolicy Parameter

Hello everyone,

The SNS Trigger is really wonderfull for our usecase, where we want to “intercept” our internal software messages to collect certain messages we need for analysis. However, the Subscription Endpoint seems to not be fully implemented, since we can’t set the FilterPolicy Parameter.

Due to this and the internal structure with my software, n8n picks up many messages which aren’t necessary and filtered out with a workflow. But i think with a directly implemented filter, the performance can be better since with f.ex. 1 out of 20 important triggers every minute, n8n clogs up with uneccesary workflow runs which can lead to OOM problems (currently running with 4C/16GB EC2 instance)

The parameter requires json data, so it should be easily implementable. However i see the “problem” that integrating steps to setup that filter might be not easy without looking into the api’s description.

Nonetheless, i think this additional parameter (even as a optional “Option”) would be a wonderful addition to the Trigger Node :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community @matthiasnowak

It should be simple to add. Added it to my todo list.

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Thank you very much for your quick reply. I’m definetly looking forward to this :slight_smile: