Base64 to Image convert - Cloud version [email protected]

Hello you n8nler,

Today I have another challenge for you. The topic Base64 to Image was often discussed. Some posts are so old that I hope there is now a node to convert from base64 to jpeg. Is that so?

If, contrary to expectations, this is not the case, here is the initial situation:

ok, I get the base64 string from the database. It has to be written into a binary file in order to transfer it to the Mindee Node.

How do I do that?

In addition, I have the paid version in the n8n cloud Running version [email protected]

Thanks so much to you and have a nice weekend


Check the example below.

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Thanks RicardoE105

That’s exactly what I was looking for.
Thank you very much.


Friend, could you give an example of how I get the MimeType and record it in a database, so I can have a url of the file?

preferably postgress or baserow

Interested in the answer here!

Hi folks, this is a very old thread that’s easy to overlook as it has already been marked as solved. I’ve recently posted an example workflow storing and reading base64-encoded data in Postgres over here:

To keep track of the file name and mime type I’d simply use a separate columns for easy querying later on. You can read the file name using an expression of {{ $ }}. The mime type can be read using an expression of {{ $ }}. This is assuming your binary property is named data and you are using a recent version of n8n.

Perhaps you want to open a new thread if you run into any trouble with this?

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