Bug for Filters on Thehive

When using the Thehive node to get the cases, it seems the filters are not working normally, here’s sample for you reference.

When we using “Phishing” to filter the title, it returns few items.

but if we want to filter the exact match, it returns nothing.

one more sample for success

it seems it only can use to return part keywords but not full, sounds odd.

can you further look at your rex?

Hey @N8Wolf,

I think this was found to be a bug with The Hive before, You can find the original report we had here: TheHive node broken filter · Issue #2699 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub and a link to the comment on The Hive project here: [Bug] Search function doesn't work · Issue #2299 · TheHive-Project/TheHive · GitHub

I think it might not be the same case, as the filter function on thehive works normally, you can see in below sample, that thehive title filter works with the exact match of the title. but if go within the n8n, it will failed to retrieve the info.

Hey @N8Wolf,

That sounds like the exact same issue that was previously reported, A search in The Hive works but the exact match from n8n no longer works because of an API change. A partial match in theory should work but only if it is lowercase.

Hi, Jon,

I tried to contact the support the Thehive, they suppose it is not thehive problem. the developer claimed their checked in 4.1.20, absolute search on description or title works, the UI uses the API, there’s no way can have different results if the call is the same. they suppose there’s some parameter or expression problem on n8n called. can you further look at this?

It worked before 4.1.14 (ie. when I tested on 4.1.0)

N8n uses whildcard to find all matches (_wildcard). The filter which you presented in Thehive use exact match (_like).

Maybe it should be configurable in N8n - exact match (_like) or _wildcard.

TheHive developer checked if exact match works - yes that works. But he didn’t check _wildcard query.

Currently you can do workaround - Use HTTP Request node and request TheHive API with your own query.

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