Bump Notion's API version


Not sure if this is the right place to post this but the Notion node seems to be using an outdated. Here’s the doc outlining the latest version: Versioning

Is there a particular reason for your request? Does the version we use is for example about to be deprecated or do you need some specific functionality? Because updating the version is not always an easy task if you want to ensure that it does not break the workflows of people. So unless there is a good reason it does probably not make any sense right now to invest resources in that.

Specifically I’m looking at using one of the new properties (the Status property) that they added a few weeks ago. Based on the documentation they’ve added quite a few new properties that I’d like to use.

It seems like the api version is determined based on the “Notion-Version” header. Maybe instead of modifying the default version, what if you allow users to optionally set a version they would like to use through the UI?

Thanks, that makes sense.

Making the version selectable would very often result in making it unusable as the way how parameters are named, the format they have to be sent in, what parameters get sent, … changes.

Did you try to make the request manually via the HTTP Request node? On it, you can reuse the Notion credentials of the Notion Node by selecting:

  • Authentication → Predefine Credential Type
  • Credential Type → Notion API

There it is then also possible to manually set the API version via the Headers as you mentioned.

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No I haven’t tried that yet but I’ll definitely give it a try. With that said, this seems to highlight a major issue that can arise with N8N. Due to the nature of API’s often upgrading frequently, is there a plan in place to ensure N8N can always be as close to up-to-date as possible or is the solution always going to be “HTTP Request Node”?.