Clickup task update custom field

Hi guys, I am playing around with n8n, ClickUp and Gitlab.
My goal is to use a Clickup Trigger to create GitLab issues. So far so good, everything works fine. After issue creation in GitLab I would like to store the GitLab issue iid in a custom field in ClickUp Task.
The problem I have is I have no option to select custom fields on the Clickup task update node. Is there a way of doing this?

Would be really nice if someone could guide me here or give me a hint…

Hey @Chriss,

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I am turning this into a feature request, since the node currently doesn’t have that option. Don’t forget to upvote it!

In the meantime, I suggest you use the HTTP Request node to make the request and update the custom field.

Hey @harshil1712,

wow thanks for the very fast reply.
And thank you for turning this into a feature request. I will upvote it.

I will try to use the HTTP Request node for my usecase

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From what I understand from ClickUp and testing it within n8n, all custom fields defined in ClickUp are returned when you query a task not only the custom fields assigned to the task. This will be a complicated UI to create, but you can set JSON to update the custom fields in the UI


The ClickUp createTask Node already has a “custom JSON fields” option.
Could you add that to the updateTask node? That’s all I’m after…

Would that be an option?