Connect Woocommerce to BigQuery via n8n

i want to connect woocommerce to bigquery via n8n,
but it only have ‘create’ and ‘get many’ two methods in the integration of Bigquery,
if i use ‘create’, the data will be repeated,
i want to update when the data is existed,
how can i update data at one table in bigquery via n8n?

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I would love to know this as well.

Hi folks, there currently is no update operation in the BigQuery node I am afraid, so I shall convert this question into a feature request.

Make sure to vote for it so the team can look into adding it going forward.


Hello @pxxxjc , @LE_Christensen,
we are currently working on some improvements to BigQuery node that will allow to run custom SQL queries. It should help to resolve an issue with updates.