Connection lost n8n

I currently have an error that is quite preoccupying. At the moment I have several and I have several errors of different nature. Before going any further I would like to point out that I have installed n8n on a linux server following these instructions to the letter. (see url below).

In my first server everything works fine but with this configuration of webhook that turns in “loop” I wanted to know if it is normal (when I go on the link it redirects me well on the url indicate but on the workflow it continues to “turn”).

In the second server nothing works after a few seconds that says loss of connection. For the second case the provider of domain name is rather obscure and their site does not really give confidence. I wonder if there is a DNS problem (I can access n8n and build things but nothing works when I do “execute workflow”.

Waiting for an answer, if you want more details on some point do not hesitate to ask me.

Concerning my first question I found the solution by putting in the url a query that allows to stop the workflow. So for this first server all works correctly. But I have no solution for my second server

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