Create a Node to interact with FedEx APIs

Hi everyone, is n8n (Nathan) designed so that users can add Nodes?

I want to connect to FedEx REST APIs and was hoping that using n8n can simplify this.
Some basics of their APIs:


Hey @nick-walt,

Welcome to the community :tada:

Anyone is free to make new nodes and we are in the process of making it easier to install custom nodes with our Community Node Repo.

If you wanted to get started with making a node we have 2 handy resources:

Node Starter Template: GitHub - n8n-io/n8n-nodes-starter: Example starter module for custom n8n nodes.
Node Building Docs: Create your first node - n8n Documentation


Thanks, Jon.

FedEx supports Webhooks for a lot of their subscriber services like when tracking a package. Is the generic n8n Webhooks Node designed for exactly this use case? If I can use this existing Node and just tune it for interaction with FedEx’s Webhooks that would be awesome. Thanks.

Hey @nick-walt,

Yeah in theory the Webhook node would do the job and a lot of our trigger nodes are based on the same concept where something will post data to the generated URL. I couldn’t see anything in the Fedex docs around what they expect to send in with their webhooks but if you wanted to go from n8n to Fedex the HTTP Request node should allow that with an OAuth2 credential.


Ok, thanks. I’ll check out Webhooks and HTTP Request Nodes.

Found this interesting Blog post about HTTP Request:

BTW, if I wanted to link data in Dgraph (a GraphQL accessible graph database) to elements and components in Figma - for data content synchronisation - is it possible that an existing Node could be used for that? At this point it is likely that a plugin would have to be created to interact with n8n so just curious about this. Thanks.

It looks like we only have a Figma trigger so it would be a case of working with the Figma API and an HTTP Request node (if Figma supports updating content) to get the content from Dgraph we have a GraphQL node so that part should be all good.

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Hey Nick, I can’t find any webhooks from FedEx. Could you share the details on the same? Thanks.

Hi @srichaitanya_kandiko the FedEx documentation is not well presented but preliminary searches surfaced a few references to webhooks:

Wikipedia page on Swagger/OpenAPI:

OpenAPI site:

Looks like FedEx is staying with Swagger 2.0 and not moving to the OpenAPI spec:

ShipEngine has some info about their implementation: