Create The Hive 5 API Version


The Hive is a Security Incident Response Platform suported by n8n. Recently they launched version 5 and I was checking if the API endpoints were the same before upgrading (thehive 4 >> thehive5).

Since the Endpoints look diferent I’ll put the upgrade on hold for now.

Hence, this feature request. Thanks a lot.


One note: TheHive 5 is no longer open source. TheHive (4) node should not be replaced. It should be possible to choose the API version.

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We do currently support both TheHive3 and TheHive4 with an option to pick the version. Adding TheHive 5 will also allow this unless we make it as a different node. When it comes to self hosted solutions though we try to keep support for older versions where possible so it should be all good.


Hi Guys,

I just wanted to write a line to see if that could give some attention to upgrade the node for Thehive to support version 5. It would be an early Christmas present. :slight_smile:

@Jon Any plans for Thehive 5 support in a near future? :smiley:

Hey @DkYSwe,

Good question, I can’t see anything internally for it at the moment, It looks like there are only 3 requests for this one though which is a bit unexpected.

I will add it to our internal feature tracker to see if it gets picked up.

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Hey Jon,

Any progress on this one?

Hey @DkYSwe,

Our current Hive node already works with The Hive 5 as it still uses the v1 API, I did some testing a couple of months ago with it. Can you give it a go and let me know if you run into any issues?