Create The Hive 5 API Version


The Hive is a Security Incident Response Platform suported by n8n. Recently they launched version 5 and I was checking if the API endpoints were the same before upgrading (thehive 4 >> thehive5).

Since the Endpoints look diferent I’ll put the upgrade on hold for now.

Hence, this feature request. Thanks a lot.


One note: TheHive 5 is no longer open source. TheHive (4) node should not be replaced. It should be possible to choose the API version.

We do currently support both TheHive3 and TheHive4 with an option to pick the version. Adding TheHive 5 will also allow this unless we make it as a different node. When it comes to self hosted solutions though we try to keep support for older versions where possible so it should be all good.