Custom functions libruary

Hello everyone!
I am new to n8n and have just started creating my first workflows. So far, I think what n8n is awesome.

I want to suggest an idea for improving this ingenious tool.

In the process of creating workflows, I ran into a problem where the created custom function could be very useful in another workflow.

I would like to write a custom function once and then see it in some “Custom Functions Library” to use in other workflows.

Perhaps this is already implemented in n8n, I just don’t know about it.
If so, then I’ll be happy to receive information on how to use it.
Thank you in advance.

Hi @yatolstoy, thanks so much for reaching out and for the awesome feedback!

It doesn’t exist yet, but there is a similar feature request: Helper functions custom library

So you might want to vote for that. Personally, I love that idea.

Until then you can maybe use the Execute Workflow node as an alternative? Put your re-usable functions in their own workflow and then call them via the Execute Workflow node from your other workflows.

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