Dashboard Opensource

Hi N8n Community, i have a question not direct to N8n. Which Dashboard Tool you are use to made some Dashboard with Data from different sources ?

Stefan Kranz

Hi @Stefan, for a pre-built dashboard you might want to check out this one built by @thatdudedenis: There's FINALLY a nice dashboard for your n8n instance! (Built in Coda)

Apart from that, I personally am currently using n8nā€™s REST API as a data source in Budibase to display the last execution of a number of workflows. This is working fine as well and Budibase would be an open source tool, but it is a general purpose tool for building internal apps (and not solution specifically for dashboards).


I think @Stefan is looking for dashboarding tools in general.
So something like GitHub - metabase/metabase: The simplest, fastest way to get business intelligence and analytics to everyone in your company


A tried to set that up in budibase aswell, but I failed really hard :smiley:
Do you know of any tutorial how to set it up?