Difference between seatable trigger and seatable node

Hello, i am trying to setup seatable trigger. ( self hosted ) using my self hosted n8n. and i realised that some of the values return “null” . and drop down values shows a numbers instead of value.

@Benjamin123 try turning the “Simplify Response” in SeaTable Trigger off then re-run it. Some nodes have a “simplify” mode and others don’t. Under the hood, we “simplify” a response and it’s meant to be optimized around folks’ typical jobs-to-be-done (so in cases where we feel the actual response from API is cumbersome in many usecases).
With simplify turned off, it should be returning the raw API response from SeaTable.

Hello @maxT , with simplify turn off, i am not getting any value at all.

@Benjamin123 thanks for trying that! This does seem like a bug in that case. I’ve added this to the board to be checked, both the “Simplify” bug as well as the data output discrepancy between Trigger and Regular node.

I forgot to mention earlier, some of the results are not showing " #value! " as well