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I am wondering if there are good ways to “document / comment / describe” nodes ? Once you begin to have many nodes, it is important to explain how to use a workflow, what nodes need to be updated… just like you can do with proper code :slight_smile:

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  • n8n version: cloud

Hi @guillim,

I mostly use a function node as environment. For me the code reads faster/better in a function node than in the set node.

If a workflow has an env-node, my workflow doesn’t need to be adjusted anymore - only the env. Then IF-nodes are also used more often - for On/Off switches.

And last but not least there are the sticky nodes.

Personal experience: Workflows should be kept small. This increases the performance and the overview. Extensive workflows I usually split and then link them again with a separate workflow and the (new) “Execute Workflow” node.
The larger the workflow, the more memory the browser needs for editing, the longer the development takes…

PS: Good code does not need to be documented :sweat_smile:

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Hey @guillim,

One of the things we like to do is use the Sticky Notes feature so you will have something like the below (originally from You can also use the notes field that can be found in a nodes setting if there is something specific to the node you want to remember in the future as well so there are a few options


Yep, sticky notes were what I was looking for. Thanks !

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