How to best document my workflows?

Hey guys,

I often come across the situation to document parts of my workflows or even describe the entire process (summary / abstract). I’m frequently using the “no operation” node to keep track of some todos in my workflows. To find the workflows containing todos, I also add the tag “todo”.
Unfortunately the notes in the nodes is cut off when displaying it in the workflow.

I would like to hear some of your ideas how to cope the problem of documenting the workflows in each layer of detail. Thanks!

Best regards

Hey @BenW,

I use the notes field as a quick note on what it does and I keep a screenshot and link to the workflow in git in a markdown document with a more detailed write up.

I don’t think there is really a right or wrong answer for this one as it depends on what you are doing with other things. I prefer markdown for everything as I can quickly convert it to a pdf or html document with very little effort.

I did think about writing a parser for the workflow json to extract the notes on a commit and update the external documentation as it goes.