Dropcontact node

Hello community,

The dropcontact node is limited to 250 records, how can i bypass it ?


Hi @TheG, are you sending data to Dropcontact? If so, you might want to check out the Split In Batches node to split your data into batches of less than 250 items.

Hey @MutedJam
Actually, the Dropcontact node accept only 250 recordsn in that way it will enrich only 250, and how can it’s possible to finish the rest ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @TheG, you’d need to build a loop from the Dropcontact node back to the SplitInBatches node to process the next batch. The documentation linked in my post above has an example workflow

Hello @MutedJam,

When i create the loop the Dropcontact node don’t execute…

Do you know why ?


Hey @TheG, this might just be the loop causing trouble here. Does the error disappear if you execute the complete workflow rather than just the node?

It works, Thanks !

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