Easy custom node creation with npm modules support

I feel n8n potential could be tremendously higher with an easier way for us to create custom nodes, share it with others.
Maybe extending the “function” node with the ability to import any npm package automagically (right now using any of them in a docker setup is a real pain).

Or make creating true custom nodes while being in a production setup much easier. So that any enthusiast can quickly do it & maybe share it with others without the complexity of setting up a local server…

A good inspiration is Coda new “Pack Studio” : Build Packs for yourself, your team, and the world.

Thanks a lot! That is actually already wip.

We already introduced an easier way to create nodes that got merged recently. It still may change for that reason did we not announce it yet:

An example can be found here with packages/nodes-base/nodes/Mailcheck/MailcheckTest.node.ts.

Additionally is there already a POC that will allow people to load nodes dynamically:

Until now is really just a POC without UI, but we will start to work on that some more soon.


Hi @jan any updates on this?

I do need some NPM packages for my function nodes or have my own nodes created. I checked the PR’s on Github and checked my 1.1.1 version of n8n I got running, but I couldn’t find it.