ERPNext integration problem with "Contact Email"

Hi, I think that ERPNext integration needs to be updated to persist correctly contacts emails.

When i try to send data to the “Contact” doctype, the “Email Adress” field wont write to my ERPNext instance (without errores). I have read in the ERPNext forums, that you need to create a “Contact Email” doctype entry first, but when i try to do that with N8N, im getting:

404 - {“exc_type”:“DoesNotExistError”,"_server_messages":"["{\“message\”: \“DocType None not found\”, \“indicator\”: \“red\”, \“raise_exception\”: 1}"]"}

Welcome to the community @lpadula

Sadly the ERPNext documentation is very poor, and I could never figure why it worked for some doctypes, and others did not. Perhaps it’s something with ERPNext configuration?

I searched in their community and found the links below. Perhaps they help.