Error using github trigger

Hi ! I’m trying to test n8n with github trigger. I have create one token with all github api access . When I try to fetch star number on my repository I haven’t any response. I haven’t any error on my block. Can you help me ? I have used this documentation for creating my token : Creating a personal access token - GitHub Docs

Sorry, I am a little bit confused. You say you use the Github-Trigger-Node to fetch the star number.

Fetching would not be done with a Trigger-Node as it only executes when something happens like a when star got added. Fetching data would happen with the regular Github-Node. Can you please clarify what you are doing or planning to do.

I’m just following the video. I use github trigger but I didn’t receive any event. I just wonder if it does not come from my token. When I execute my workflow and I add star on my repository I didn’t receive any event.

Ah ok thanks. Now understand.

That could have different reasons. A two I can think of right now would be:

  1. Is your n8n instance web accessible or did you use the tunnel?
  2. Does n8n display “Waiting for Webhook-Call” at the time you add/remove a star?

No problem. I use Docker for running n8n and yes I have “Waiting for Webhook-Call”

What is really strange is that I tried to use the same token with the Github API route that allows to recover the stars of my repository and it works

So sounds like you are simply running it locally for testing. Then you have to start n8n with the tunnel. Else it can not work.

The tunnel makes sure that your n8n instance, which is running on your computer, can be reached from the internet. It works by setting up a “tunnel” which redirects requests from our server to your n8n.

You can find information about how to start n8n with tunnel here:

@Matthis_Holleville Did that solve your issue?

It’s good it works !thank you very much .It’s very nice tool

Ah that is great to hear! Then wish you a lot of fun with n8n!