Executing another workflow and using the data from the previous workflow

Heyy, I have some problems with accessing the data from my previous workflow. My execution takes place after sending a message after clicking a specific button. When the child workflow is being executed, the reply to the message sent does not go to the child workflow but rather goes to the parent workflow instead. I am unsure of what expressions I have to use for Value1. All help is appreciated.
I looked through the other questions that were related to my issue but since mine is a reply to the message sent from Telegram I got confused.

Parent workflow:

Child workflow:

This is how I want my workflow to achieve, the Gmail that the user replies to the chatbot (telegram)

Hey @ruby09, I am not sure I fully understand the problem unfortunately.

I am unsure of what expressions I have to use for Value1

What is Value1 and where do you want to use it?

Hi @MutedJam,
Maybe I didn’t explain well but in the Parent workflow, I ask the user for a reply (value1) which is the employee’s email and after that, I want to execute the child workflow but the reply to the msg asking for the employee’s email is being passed on back to the parent workflow. I want the reply containing the email to be passed on to the child workflow and not the parent workflow.
Here is my child workflow

Hey @ruby09, the child workflow you have shared doesn’t seem to expect any user input directly (which makes sense, iirc you can only have one Telegram webhook/trigger node per bot).

So if you want to pass on data from the parent workflow to the child workflow you’d need to make sure your Execute Workflow node (in the parent workflow) receives all the information required by your child workflow (you could consider adding a Set node if you want to fetch data from previous nodes through an expression).

The child workflow would then have all data available in its Start node as described here. You will, however, not be able to see the data during a manual execution so building a workflow like this can be a bit tricky.

So when building your workflow you might want to consider adding the nodes from your sub-workflow directly to your parent workflow and only swap over to the Execute Workflow node (and thus your sub-workflow) once you’re happy with your flow.

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Thank you so much for the reply!
I will try out what you suggested. :star_struck: